Step 1:

Send Us Your Information

If you’re seeking an opportunity and have the qualifications, drive and commitment to open your own Lay Bare franchise. Your first step is to submit and accomplish all the requirements such as the application form with the processing fee, curriculum vitae, letter of intent and a market study.

Step 2:

Initial Screening

Once we review your application and the requirements you have submitted, one of our franchise representatives will reach out to you for our first meeting. This exciting initial step gives us the chance to share our story and to hear yours as well.

Step 3:

Interview with a Member of the Board of Directors

It’s time for you to meet our BOD and for you to get a better view of our business operation. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to get a better read for each other’s attitude, motivation, passions to determine if you’re a good fit for the system.

Step 4:

Sign Franchising Agreement

This is the start of your big journey. If all goes well, our franchise team will prepare the franchise agreement for your signature. We will then collect the franchise fee and execute the agreement on our end. From this moment on, you are a part of the
Lay Bare family.



During this phase, together we will find, interview and get quotes from contractors. Fear not, our in-house architect and construction team will help you every step of the way.


Final Inspection and Grand Opening

We will then do a final inspection of your branch to make sure everything will run smooth and we will also provide you with support for your grand opening.

Help always at hand

The Lay Bare corporate team wants nothing more but to see you succeed. And we’ll be there every step of the way. We will consistently be available to assist you and provide coaching on recruiting staff, marketing and promotions, inventory management, schedule optimization and more.

Site Selection

Finding a great location is your first priority! Here are some things you may want to consider for a potential location.

  1. Commercial and residential establishments
  2. Foot traffic during the day and at night
  3. Store visibility and accessibility
  4. Parking
  5. Rent fees and square footage
When studying your location, we also recommend for you to take note of the following: residential population, income levels, demographics, competition, visibility, proximity to other Lay Bare locations, traffic, size, condition and character of the area, and available signage and advertising placements.

Design & Construction

Our home grown Design & Construction team will provide comprehensive services necessary to design and coordinate construction of your branch including space planning, design, construction documents.

We have a competitive rate for design and architectural services for each new Lay Bare location, which is well below the industry standard for work of this caliber.

Marketing Support

You can expect the full support of our marketing team from the lead up of your opening to sustaining awareness and retention of your clients.

The team will help you develop community awareness, build local partnerships and implement marketing tactics for your branch.

You’ll also be able to tap our digital marketing resources boasting with over 180k followers as well as graphic design services.

Training and Development

Behind every successful Lay Bare branch, is a well-managed team who upholds our corporate values and who are as passionate as we are to empower other people. We’re always sure to do the following:

  1. Foster a positive team culture and a healthy work environment
  2. Utilize goal setting with accompanying incentive programs
  3. Advocate the work hard, play hard attitude

You and your team will receive ongoing training and development by a dedicated team to ensure that your salon is at the forefront of service, technology and innovation. Plus, we provide annual workshops and seminars for you and your staff.